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Treatment for the feature length screenplay Aperture Screenplay by Keith Mullin and Joseph Monahan Story by Keith Mullin and Joseph Monahan Directed by Joseph Monahan


A string of grisly murders begins after the rape of a college student, embroiling her, her friends, her parents, and the investigators in a murder mystery of horrifying revelations.


Campus police officer Lisa Kendrick stares down at a body as forensic investigators remove a porcelain mask from his face.

A few days before, Abigail Beaumont, and her friends, Hannah and Ryan, party at a fraternity house, but Abby wakes up the next day a rape victim in the hospital with no memory of the previous night.

Lisa reads the toxicology report first and visits a dorm room where she interrogates Abigail's friend, Hannah. The university president learns about the rape. He cautions Lisa, but she is on a mission,which leads her to Abigail's other friend, who was at the party with her, Ryan.

Ryan suggests to Lisa that fraternity member Nicholas might be the culprit. When confronted pre-law student Nicholas quickly lawyers up, and afterwards explains that he and Abby have had a casual sexual relationship for some time, and yes, they had sex that night. He reluctantly agrees to a DNA sample.

Abby's mom, Jennifer Beaumont, teaches photography at the university. Her daughter Abby thinks she took the position to keep an eye on her. When she sees her daughter's accused rapist back on campus she complains to Lisa who says she can't do anything, so Jennifer complains to the university president who is just as powerless. She then pretends to take pictures on campus, but is tailing Nicolas, catching him grabbing girls' asses, carrying a bag of pills and taking secret up skirt photos of female passersby.

After the rape and when Abby goes to bed, Jennifer is worried that she shouldn't be alone, but her husband, Peter Beaumont, explains that she'll be okay alone, blaming Jennifer for barely knowing her anymore because she's never home.

Peter cooks a family dinner several times and his wife or daughter always cancel, Jennifer claiming she is always working on photographs. When Abby does make it to dinner with him she tells him that she doesn't think her mother loves him. When Jennifer finally does come home to pick up equipment, Peter puts a tracking app on her phone and links it to his. The next time he can't get a hold of her he finds her with someone else, and immediately starts packing her belongings.

During all of this in a dream sequence somebody is taking inappropriate pictures of their young daughter wearing a familiar porcelain mask.

Somebody dons stockings and porcelain mask and seduces Nicolas, killing him during sex. The killer even steals his money to confuse investigators.

When Abby is taken in for questioning for Nicholas' murder, her father, Peter, serves Jennifer with divorce papers. Jennifer isn't changed by the divorce papers but relieved.

Bronson, the FBI investigator assigned to the case, finds the killer's hair at the scene of the crime, and results from Abby's rape DNA testing suggests a second candidate for sexual relations the night of the rape.

Two more fraternity brothers are taken in for questioning and testing, Rob and Marcus. They are soon found dead in the same way. Bronson notices that the hair sample could belong to Jennifer, Abby or even Lisa.

Abby's friend, Ryan, confesses to her that he's the one who drugged her and that he raped her. Abby tells her mom and dad, and Peter informs Lisa. And soon, Ryan meets the same end at the hands of our killer.

Peter's actions, Lisa's exuberance to solve the case, Jennifer's anger over it and Abby's indifference to it all confound Bronson until the inappropriate father/daughter pictures are soon discovered, revealing the truth of everything and climaxing to a confrontation with the killer.

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